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Lenovo CEO gifts $3 million from his own bonus to junior employees, again

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yang yuanqing (lenovo)
yang yuanqing (lenovo)

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing is spreading the wealth around again this year, giving away some $3.25 million from his personal bonus to the company’s employees around the world, reports Bloomberg. That’s an extra $250,000 over the $3 million he gave away in an identical gesture last year, and will roughly amount to an extra month’s pay for most of the 10,000 recipients. To put it in context, Yang made about $14.6 million last year, including just over $4 million in bonuses.

Lenovo has seen impressive growth over the past year, increasing smartphone shipments by 132 percent and regaining the top spot among PC makers according to Gartner and IDC. It’s great to see a CEO rewarding junior-level employees for their role in its success.