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Acer is first to put a 4K video camera in a phone

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Despite being among the world's top laptop makers, Acer has yet to make a name for itself internationally as a smartphone manufacturer. While its latest smartphone is unlikely to change that, one feature will certainly pull people's attention away from Samsung, Apple and the rest: a 4K camera. Acer's 6-inch Liquid S2 is the first smartphone to be announced with the capability to record 4K videos. It's a feature that's been rumored for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone for some time, but Acer has beaten its Korean rival to the punch — the Note III will be announced at a September 4th event in Berlin. Although 4K UHDTVs are definitely still in their infancy, there are several tablets around, such as Apple's iPad, that are able to play content at higher resolutions than the industry-standard 1080p.

Other than the 4K camera, the Android-powered Liquid S2 has an enormous 6-inch 1080p IPS display, a Snapdragon 800 processor paired with 2GB of RAM, and also features a LED ring flash around the camera, which is good for 13-megapixel still shots in addition to 4K video. Despite the very competitive specs, the Liquid S2 isn't likely to make a splash internationally. Acer hasn't announced any plans for a US release, and will sell the handset in Europe starting October. The company will be showing off the smartphone at this week's IFA conference in Berlin, where we'll get a closer look at its 4K video capabilities.