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Make your Roomba suck less with a ColorWare paint job

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ColorWare Roomba
ColorWare Roomba

Is your vacuum cleaner jealous of your smartphone's sleek new ColorWare paint job? There's good news, as the site recently added the Roomba 780 to its list of customizable gadgets. You can pick from a pretty big range of solid and metallic colors to freshen up your Roomba, though it'll set you back a cool $249. And if you don't have a robot vacuum but are itching for a colorful one of your own, you can buy a brand new 780 with a custom paint job for $899. This isn't ColorWare's first foray into household devices — you can get a limited edition KitchenAid mixer for $999, for instance — but the Roomba is one of the most mobile additions to the site's gadget line-up; right after the colorful Segway, that is. And a custom Roomba might just be the next best thing to actually being a robot vacuum cleaner.