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Rough cut of 'Homeland' season three premiere leaks a month early

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The season three premiere of Showtime's Homeland has leaked nearly a full month before it's due to air on cable. The episode, which is a non-final "workprint" cut, appeared on BitTorrent websites late yesterday and has quickly spread across the web in the hours since. According to TorrentFreak, the leaked episode doesn't include opening credits and there are a few scenes clearly missing visual effects. But apparently those irregularities aren't enough to dissuade pirates, as over 100,000 users have already downloaded the show. Leaks of these rough, unpolished workprints aren't common, and it's suspected that the Homeland premiere was likely sourced from someone involved in the show's production. Like HBO's Game of Thrones, Homeland has proven popular on BitTorrent trackers, ranking as one of the most pirated shows of 2012.