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Reflections from London skyscraper are reportedly melting parked cars

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London Walkie Talkie building FLICKR
London Walkie Talkie building FLICKR

Reflections coming off a London skyscraper are so intense that they're melting cars parked on a nearby street. That's according to City A.M., sourcing a "distraught" owner of a Jaguar XJ that was reportedly damaged by the bright light. Martin Lindsay parked his luxury ride on Eastcheap before an afternoon business meeting, and only two hours later the car was giving off smells of melting plastic and displayed clear signs of damage. Photos from BBC News reveal significant body distortion, and developers of the under-construction building have confirmed they're "looking into the matter."

Worse yet, Lindsay apparently isn't the first to complain about overwhelming reflections from the building, designed by New York-based architect Rafael Viñoly. (Its standout appearance has earned it the nickname "Walkie Talkie.") City A.M. reports that a van has also fallen victim to the intense glare. Despite persistent sunshine being something of a rarity in the area, City of London officials aren't taking the situation lightly. They've launched an investigation, and in the meantime have cordoned off several parking spots that fall under the most light. You can see just how bright things get in this Instagram shot. Thankfully it seems Lindsay won't need to pay for his car's restoration out of pocket; the building's developers have agreed to cover repair costs.