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Surf through the web's past on the internet history timeline

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digital wormhole (SHUTTERSTOCK)
digital wormhole (SHUTTERSTOCK)

The history of the internet began long before the first web browser was made in 1990. But as such a new development, an entire account of how today's web was created still isn't much to go through, and on Web Directions' "Web History, a timeline," the full story is catalogued and laid out in major milestones for you to follow along — even if you don't already know what CSS or the ACID test are. The milestones can get technical, but they're always explained and never so dense as to be unintelligible. For the most part though, you'll be scrolling past milestones you may well remember, and picking up trivia, like the first time the term "surfing" was ever used in conjunction with the web, which happened in 1991.