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Best New Apps: OmniFocus 2

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best new app omnifocus
best new app omnifocus

The most powerful to-do list manager for iOS has been redesigned for iOS 7, and the result is a beautiful and fluid productivity manager that will help you get things done. OmniFocus 2 for iPhone makes it faster than ever to see your day at a glance, check your progress on ongoing projects, and add new tasks. And it does it all with a stylish simplicity that is new to the famously complicated app.

On one hand, OmniFocus offers more power than most people need, or even want. In a world of perfectly functional (and free) productivity managers, its $19.99 price tag is downright audacious. But OmniFocus fans rush to pay it because of the power it puts at your disposal. Designed for adherents of David Allen’s popular Getting Things Done productivity system, OmniFocus helps you organize your work in whatever way makes most sense to you, with a feature set few can match.

You can add and sort your tasks by project, by context, or by your physical location; the app can ping you when you walk into the grocery store and remind you to buy milk. A new “Save +” button lets you capture new tasks in record time, and a beautifully designed "Forecast" view on the app’s main screen shows you your week at a glance.

Productivity nerds change to-do list apps more often than they change their keyboard batteries, forever hoping to find a better way to check off a task. Now that OmniFocus for iPhone has the beauty to match its brains, I’ve stopped looking.

OmniFocus 2 is $19.99 for iOS.