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Apple's Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and Eddy Cue visit retail stores to celebrate iPhone launch

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Tim Cook credit Matt Keller twitter
Tim Cook credit Matt Keller twitter

Today's a big day for Apple, and the company's top executives are out in force to mark the launch of two new iPhones. CEO Tim Cook has paid a visit to the company's Palo Alto retail store, while vice presidents Eddy Cue and Phil Schiller have been spotted at Apple's Stanford location. Reports of Cook's surprise visit began popping up on Twitter and Instagram moments ago. The chief executive is said to be chatting with customers lined up for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. One report claims that Cook made a point of shaking hands with every person waiting in line. It's not his first visit to the store; Cook previously visited Apple's Palo Alto location during its re-opening in October of last year. The late Steve Jobs also enjoyed sharing in public excitement over Apple's new products; he visited the same Apple Store in 2007 for the iPhone's launch, and returned for the iPad's release in 2010.

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