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Cyanogen hints of Oppo partnership ahead of September 23rd event

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Steve Kondik
Steve Kondik

Cyanogen has grand visions for its customized version of Android. The company has raised $7 million in hopes that its popular CyanogenMod will eventually vault past Windows Phone and BlackBerry to become the third most-popular mobile OS. But to accomplish that ambitious goal, Cyanogen can't go it alone; it will need one or more hardware partners along for the ride. A new video featuring founder Steve Kondik offers strong evidence that Oppo could be among those manufacturers. Kondik says he's "looking forward" to attending an Oppo event in Beijing on September 23rd. "We have exciting news ahead," he teases.

Oppo has proven itself to be a capable hardware maker in recent years, but the company has routinely stumbled when it comes to software design. A deal between the two would benefit both sides; Cyanogen's software could potentially come preinstalled on devices from a legitimate OEM, and Oppo wouldn't need to worry about building its own software experience any longer. We're sure to hear more in just a few days time, so check back Monday for the latest.