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AMC's 'Breaking Bad' marathon will show every single episode of the show before series finale

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Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad (PUBLICITY STILL)
Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad (PUBLICITY STILL)

As AMC's hit series Breaking Bad has wound through its final eight episodes, interest has raised to a fever pitch. If you're not up to date on the story of Walter White and would like to find out what everyone's talking about, you're in luck: AMC will be airing every episode of the show in a marathon before the series finale. Deadline reports that AMC's "Countdown to Finale" will kick off on Wednesday, September 25th at 8PM, and will run through the first four seasons of the show in order, ending on September 27th. The first half of the current season will then pick up at 11PM on September 28th, and will run straight through until the 75-minute series finale the following day. That final episode will be followed by the Chris Hardwick-hosted Talking Bad, and will feature series creator Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul, among other guests. If you haven't been following up to this point, do yourself a favor: make room on your DVR, set it to record, and get ready for one of the most outstanding runs in television.