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Verizon now lets you watch live FiOS TV anywhere you want

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fios ipad app icon stock 1020
fios ipad app icon stock 1020

Verizon FiOS customers have been able to watch live television on their iPads for some time now, but today the company is expanding that feature to Android and the iPhone. In addition, Verizon is lifting the restriction on watching live TV while connected to your home network — you can now watch live TV anywhere you go, provided you have the necessary bandwidth, of course.

The updated apps let users watch live feeds from 9 channels in or out of the home (though you can stream up to 75 if you are at home), as well as select local channels depending on where they currently are in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. More live content and local channels are expected to be added to the app later this year and into next. The FiOS Mobile app also lets subscribers manage their DVRs, use their devices as remotes, look up other account-related information, and watch on demand content.

Verizon follows behind Time Warner Cable, Comcast, DIsh, Cablevision, and DirectTV, which all offer some level of live content to watch outside of the home. Verizon's updated FiOS Mobile apps are free for subscribers and available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store now.

Update: An earlier version of this article said that 75 channels could be streamed anywhere. Verizon only lets users stream 9 at the current time. The article has been corrected to reflect this.