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After damaging leaks, NSA begins search for civil liberties and privacy officer

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nsa office
nsa office

Last month amidst heightening controversy over government surveillance, President Obama pledged that the National Security Agency would soon hire a civil liberties and privacy officer. The NSA has now launched a search to fill that open position, and a new job posting offers insight on just what the role will entail. The CL/P officer is meant to "serve as the primary advisor to the Director of NSA for ensuring that privacy is protected and civil liberties are maintained" by NSA policies, missions, and programs. That involves providing "guidance" to the NSA's senior leadership team and holding special briefings for lawmakers regarding any NSA-related questions or concerns they may have. The privacy and civil liberties officer will even be tasked with offering testimony at Congressional hearings and building "partnerships" with a public leery of government spying. Privacy advocates can only hope that the NSA's eventual hire will prove more effective than the review panel Obama announced alongside the CL/P officer.