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Blackberry Messenger rolling out to iOS over the next day, coming soon to Android

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BlackBerry Messenger icon
BlackBerry Messenger icon

Consumers may be bidding farewell to Blackberry, but the Blackberry Messenger service is sticking around. BBM for iPhone is currently rolling out around the world in the App Store, though you'll need to wait until September 22nd in your country before it will launch.. The Android app is reportedly arriving this weekend, although it has yet to be spotted in the Play Store. Instead, Android users searching for "BBM" will be met with more than a dozen fakes. The official link should be available soon.

Update: This article originally stated that BBM for iOS was now available; its official launch date is September 22nd, which means it is now available in some regions including Australia and New Zealand. It should be available in the US by tomorrow. We apologize for the error.