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Apple's Tim Cook says tablet sales will surpass PCs in two years

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tim cook wwdc 2013
tim cook wwdc 2013

This week, as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C went on sale, Bloomberg Businessweek published a rare interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The interview covered a wide range of subjects, including Cook's argument that Nokia forgot how to innovate, and his declaration that Apple doesn't want to chase the low-end gadget market. Now, Businessweek has published its Cook interview in full. Cook once again reiterated his belief that the tablet market will surpass the PC market — but the Apple chief took things a step further this time, putting a timeline on this progression. "We're 24 months away from that," he forecasted of this eventual eclipse. Cook also said a substantial amount of growth in the tablet market is coming from PC makers who are building low-cost Android devices as a defensive maneuver.

While on the subject of tablets versus PCs, the CEO took the opportunity to bash Android slates — something he's done plenty of times at Apple keynotes before. "I think if I bought [an Android tablet] and used it, and I thought that was a tablet experience, I’m not sure I would ever buy another tablet," he said. "The responsiveness isn't there. The basic touch is really off. The app experience is a stretched-out smartphone kind of experience. It's not an optimized experience." Cook's comments come as a part of a company executive PR blitz timed with the release of the new iPhones. Along with the media tour, Cook also joined Twitter and made appearances at Apple stores with Marketing head Phil Schiller, and software and services VP Eddy Cue.