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'X-Men' director Bryan Singer to produce a Kaiju monster drama for the SyFy network

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pacific rim
pacific rim

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim made Kaiju (giant creatures inspired by the Japanese monster movie genre of the same name) all the rage this summer, and now X-Men director Bryan Singer is getting in on the craze. According to Deadline, Singer and his Bad Hat Harry production house are producing a "modern monster drama" for the SyFy network called Creature At Bay. It'll start with a 90-minute pilot episode written by John Cabrera, who created the digital series H+ (also produced by Singer). The pilot sounds like it'll kick off in a similar fashion to Pacific Rim (one of whose Kaiju is pictured above). Creature At Bay will take place in the aftermath of a Kaiju attack on northern California, after the US military successfully takes the giant monster down. Rather than focus on more huge battles, however, it sounds like Creature At Bay will take a closer look at how the attack and its aftermath bring the world's attention on a small town, presumably where the incident took place. There's no word on when we might see Creature At Bay — it sounds like the show is still in the early phases.