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Apple TV update reportedly pulled after rendering devices unusable

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Apple's latest Apple TV update may be causing big problems for its users. The company has seemingly pulled the major software update that it began rolling out earlier this week after it began rendering some Apple TVs unusable and deleting content on others, reports both iMore and 9to5Mac. The update to Apple TV version 6.0 enabled iTunes Radio, music purchasing, and additional iCloud integration, and was released alongside the new iPhones on Friday. We can confirm that some Apple TVs aren't seeing the software update, and have reached out to Apple to learn more.

The new software update reportedly hasn't caused issues for all users, but it's apparently problematic enough that Apple has taken action. According to iMore, the issue isn't so severe as to completely ruin the devices, but it does require troubleshooting the Apple TV through a computer and restoring its software. While Apple is yet to add a wealth of additional functionality to the Apple TV, it has been adding more and more channels and features over the past several months. With the latest update pulled, it seems that owners will have to wait just a bit longer to get even some basic new features.