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LG refuses to give up on squarish phones with stylus-equipped Vu 3

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LG Vu 3
LG Vu 3

Undaunted by the apparent ungainliness of a 4:3 aspect ratio on a smartphone, LG has somehow reached iteration number three of its Vu Android slate. The Vu 3 grows that extra bit larger than its predecessor — now spanning a 5.2-inch display — while adding a stylus silo and the fastest Snapdragon processor around, the 2.3GHz quad-core 800. That's the same chip you'll find inside the company's latest Android flagship, the G2.

LG appears to be moving toward a more harmonious design language among its mobile devices, with the G2, G Pad 8.3, and now the Vu 3 exhibiting a distinct family resemblance, however the latest device opts for a combination of capacitive and physical Android keys. That'll remind a lot of people of the Galaxy Note 3, which the Vu 3 is clearly intended to compete against. Though earlier generations of the Vu haven't proven particularly successful in the west, they've been popular in their native Korea, where all three major carriers will be launching the Vu 3 on September 27th. It'll be available in black, white, and the turquoise number above, which LG describes as Mint.