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Microsoft keeping the original Surface RT around for $349

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Gallery Photo: Microsoft Surface RT pictures
Gallery Photo: Microsoft Surface RT pictures

Microsoft just announced the Surface 2, a new tablet that sounds like a pretty major upgrade over last year's Surface RT — but that doesn't mean the older model is going away. During its Surface 2 event, Microsoft just announced that last year's Surface RT is going to continue to be available at the $349 price point that the product was re-priced at back in July. Fortunately for anyone looking to save some cash on the older Surface model, Microsoft's new Touch and Type Covers will work with the older hardware — but the Power Cover sadly will not work with Surface RT. It's not clear if the Surface RT will stick around until Microsoft runs out of stock, or if it'll be a permanent lower-cost option (as Apple has done with the iPad 2 for some time now). At the very least, Surface customers have more options at more price points now.