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Oppo's N1 pairs CyanogenMod with a swiveling camera

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Oppo N1
Oppo N1

Cyanogen wants its take on Android to grow from a hacker favorite to a true consumer operating system. And Oppo, a Chinese company known more in the US for building high-end Blu-ray players sold through Best Buy stores, is the first hardware partner working with Cyanogen to try and make this happen. On Monday, Oppo formally introduced the N1, a new 5.9-inch smartphone that will run the CyanogenMod version of Android. And indeed, on paper, the N1 looks to be a promising handset packed full of top-of-the-line specs. It will have a 1080p IPS display, a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, and the option of either 16GB or 32GB of storage.

There's also a touch panel on the back that Oppo says will make the N1 easier to use with one hand. The O-Touch Panel, as the company is calling it, can be used to scroll, tap, or take photos. But the most notable hardware feature is certainly the N1's funky 13-megapixel camera that can rotate from front to back. The potential for high-definition selfies here are seemingly endless.

Oppo hasn't yet said how much the N1 will cost or if it will be sold in the US through any specific carriers when it is released in early December. However, the device maker did say that the N1 will ship in three different variations — one running Android with Oppo's Color UI skin over the top, another that allows users to choose between Color and CyanogenMod, and a special CyanogenMod edition that will ship with CyanogenMod pre-installed.