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Netflix tool keeps your Twitter feed safe from 'Breaking Bad' spoilers

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Breaking Bad 640
Breaking Bad 640

If, like me, you're behind on Breaking Bad leading up to the show's highly anticipated conclusion, you know that Twitter can be a dangerous place to visit. Every Sunday evening, my feed fills up with people discussing the show — and with the finale just one week away, that conversation shows no signs of stopping. Fortunately, Netflix has a tool that makes Twitter a safer place: Spoiler Foiler. Just head over to the site, log in with your Twitter credentials, and you'll see a pretty standard view of your stream — except any tweets that mention Breaking Bad are blocked out. You can click on them to reveal the content, if you so choose, but it should make it a lot easier to catch up on your news without finding out what happened to Walter White this week.

According to GigaOm, Netflix actually rolled out the tool for its UK viewers as a promotion tool for its viewers across the pond — Netflix UK actually gets each episode of Breaking Bad hours after the show airs, unlike here in the US. Regardless, it works wherever you are, though occasionally the filter will catch posts with no spoilers — it looks like anything with the words "breaking bad" gets picked up by the filter. (Sometimes, it even picks up posts that have nothing to do with the show.) That said, if you're behind and want to make sure you're spoiler-free, an overly aggressive filter is probably for the best.