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Moto X update reportedly offers improved camera performance

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Moto X cropped (1024px)
Moto X cropped (1024px)

The Motorola Moto X is a very fine smartphone, save for one glaring problem: the camera is not nearly up to par with what the competition offers. In our review, we noted that the camera was horribly inconsistent — in some situations it would produce perfectly passable pictures, while other times it would fall flat on its face. Fortunately, an upcoming software update for the phone addresses a number of issues with the camera, and as Brian Klug at AnandTech reports, it makes a considerable difference.

AnandTech tested the update, which is rolling out to T-Mobile devices now and hopefully other carriers in the near future, against the earlier version of the Moto X's software and says that picture quality outdoors and indoors is dramatically improved. The camera is now more consistent — no more randomly overexposed shots — and it does a better job with white balance and noise reduction. You can see some side-by-side comparison shots that Klug took in AnandTech's post, and there certainly is a noticeable difference before and after the update. With a fix for the camera on its way, the Moto X just got that much more appealing.