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Galaxy Note 3 coming to Sprint on October 4th

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Galaxy Note 3 stock (brighter)
Galaxy Note 3 stock (brighter)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 will be coming to Sprint on October 4th, adding another major carrier to the oversized smartphone's list of debut locations early next month. Unlike both AT&T and Verizon, however, Sprint is pricing the Note 3 above $300, at $349.99 on a two-year contract for either a black or white model. Sprint will also begin selling Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch on October 4th for $299.99.

The releases on Sprint will come exactly one month after both devices were announced by Samsung. Though Apple's had time to announce and begin shipping a new flagship phone between then and now, it's likely little for Samsung to worry about. The Note line of smartphones has proven itself to be a surprisingly popular alternative as larger and larger screens gain popularity. And the latest Note entry has its largest display yet: 5.7 inches.