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Windows 8 Start Menu spotted in Surface 2 video, but it's a Microsoft mistake

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Windows 8 Start Menu Surface 2
Windows 8 Start Menu Surface 2

Microsoft unveiled its new Surface 2 tablet today, but there weren't many app changes or Windows 8.1 updates beyond what the company has already announced. However, 57 seconds into a promotional video for the new Surface 2, an odd looking Windows 8 user interface can be seen. It's clearly marked as Windows 8 in the lower right, but it includes the old Start Menu and some other non-standard UI customizations. While Microsoft has continually pushed the idea of its Start Screen and "Metro" interface, whoever put together the video clearly prefers the company's legacy layout.

We reached out to Microsoft for comment and a company spokesperson says the inclusion of a Start Menu in the Surface 2 promo video was a mistake. A new copy of the video is being uploaded to replace the one with a Start Menu. If you're a Start Menu fan, then unfortunately it's not a subliminal marketing trick to hint at its return. The Start button may have made a return, but the Start Menu is truly dead.