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eBay's one-hour delivery service is coming to London

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Pilot program expands same-day service to international customers next year

eBay Now stock 1020
eBay Now stock 1020

EBay today announced plans to bring its eBay Now same-day delivery service to London, with a pilot program scheduled to begin in 2014. The company revealed the plans in a press release published Tuesday, alongside a new partnership with Argos, a UK-based retailer.

EBay Now launched last year in New York and San Francisco, but today's announcement marks its first foray into international markets. The app, available on iOS and Android, allows users to order and receive products from select retailers within about an hour. Shipping fees in the US are currently set at $5, though it's unclear what pricing scheme will be adopted in the UK.

The partnership with Argos will see the retailer adopt eBay's Click and Collect program on a trial basis at approximately 150 locations throughout the UK. The service allows customers to purchase items from eBay merchants and pick them up at local Argos outlets. At launch, the program will involve at least 50 merchants.

EBay has experimented with different delivery and pick-up services in the past, keeping pace with competitors like Amazon and Google. Amazon's same-day delivery and locker pick-up services are already available in both the UK and US, while Google is currently trialling similar programs in San Francisco.