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Apple refreshes iMac with Haswell processor, faster storage

Apple refreshes iMac with Haswell processor, faster storage

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Apple has refreshed its iMac series with a new generation of processors, the company announced today. The iMacs were visually redesigned in late 2012, but this update is focused on performance. The new models will include Intel's more powerful fourth-generation Haswell processor, along with updated graphics — integrated Iris Pro for the base 21.5-inch model and an Nvidia GeForce 700 series graphic card for the 27-inch one, with upgrades available for both.

Apple is also promising improvements to the iMac's Fusion Drive option, which combines a solid-state drive with a traditional hard drive to provide the speed of flash storage with the capacity of an HDD. The drive now supports PCIe solid-state storage that Apple promises will make Fusion Drive up to 50 percent faster. If buyers choose an all-flash storage drive, they can now get up to a terabyte of space, with the same promised speed boost. In terms of connectivity, the new iMacs support 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a new and much faster wireless standard that's been slowly rolling out over the past couple of years.

The new iMacs are available today, and Apple is keeping the same price points as last time around. That means the 21.5-inch model starts at $1,299 with an upgraded $1,499 model, while the 27-inch version starts at $1,799.