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Aziz Ansari mocks Samsung and Jay Z in trailer for Netflix comedy special

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What's better than a partnership to have Samsung give away your latest work? Seth Rogen thinks the answer might be to have the corn-chip Bugles take care of it — or so he suggests in the first trailer for Aziz Ansari's upcoming Netflix special, premiering on November 1st. In the trailer, Rogen and Ansari pitch one another on different marketing schemes that may be able to one-up Jay Z's million-album deal with Samsung, which launched his record straight into platinum status.

"I wanna release [my standup special] in a very interesting way," Ansari says, "like a bundling with a product." Ansari and Rogen's suggestions aren't necessarily more logical than pairing a rapper with a cellphone manufacturer, and the quick spot takes full advantage of that. Of course, as you'd expect, the two comedians end up at a much simpler — and likely less controversial — solution: just putting Ansari's special on Netflix.