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The amazing 'Grand Theft Auto V' soundtrack is now on iTunes

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GTAV screenshot
GTAV screenshot

One of the best parts of Grand Theft Auto V is hopping in a car, turning on the radio, and hearing one of your favorite songs. And the soundtrack is so good and varied that this happens quite a bit. Now you can get that experience outside of the game, with a new compilation dubbed The Music of Grand Theft Auto V. The compilation is split into three distinct albums: there are 19 select tracks pulled from the in-game radio stations, as well as 18 original songs created exclusively for the game. Finally, there's the game's terrific ambient score, created by German band Tangerine Dream. It's far from all of the music in GTA V, but for $24.99 (or $9.99 for each individual album) it's still a great collection of songs for your late night driving needs. Just try not to crash.