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AT&T and Fon agree to share Wi-Fi hotspots, charge significantly for the convenience

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AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

AT&T customers will soon have more options for Wi-Fi connectivity when traveling abroad. Just don't expect that convenience to come cheap. AT&T's subscribers can now access Fon's network of overseas hotspots thanks to a new agreement the two companies announced today. In turn, Fon's own customers will be able to hop on the web from 30,000-plus AT&T hotspots located across the United States. The deal covers smartphones and other connected devices, but you'll be paying dearly for the expanded Wi-Fi footprint. The Fon hotspots will only be open to AT&T subscribers who have added either a 300MB ($60) or 800MB ($120) international data package to their existing wireless plan. And even then, users are only allocated 1GB of "complimentary" Wi-Fi data at the included hotspots before overages start kicking in. But those that can afford it should have an easier time than ever finding a Wi-Fi connection away from US shores.