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C Spire follows Google Fiber's lead with announcement of gigabit home internet

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Ethernet / Internet (stock)
Ethernet / Internet (stock)

Google Fiber will soon be able to count C Spire among its competitors. The wireless carrier today announced that it intends to deploy its own 1Gbps fiber-based internet service to cities and towns in the United States. The initiative is called C Spire Fiber to the Home, and the company claims its ultra high-speed internet will be made available to "any community near an existing fiber route that opens its arms to welcome it." And while we know it will be somewhere in Mississippi, C Spire's exact launch city is still to be determined. That's because it's taking cues from Google's Fiber rollout; C Spire has launched a "Get Fiber First" campaign that encourages residents, businesses, and community leaders to present a case for why their towns should get the speedy fiber connections.

A press release says the wireless provider is looking for towns that "have a passion for innovation and the desire to make their communities better." Cities that "want it the most, and move quickest, will get it first," C Spire says. The company says it already has the necessary technology and equipment in place to deploy Fiber to the Home. Its fiber optic infrastructure currently features 4,000 miles of fiber cable, with another 1,500 miles scheduled to be installed within the next year. Of course, this "build on demand" strategy isn't always helpful to low-income residents. As for how much service will cost, C Spire is only saying it will offer 1Gbps internet at "competitive" rates.