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'Big Hoss TV' at Texas Motor Speedway set to become world's largest HD screen

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Big Hoss TV
Big Hoss TV

Texas Motor Speedway today announced that it's working with Panasonic to build the world's largest HD screen. The 1080p "Big Hoss TV" video board will offer a viewing area that's 20,633 square feet, packing 4.8 million pixels and 281 trillion colors into that massive display. It measures in at 218 feet wide and 94.6 feet tall, and despite a colossal weight of more than 108 tons, it will be situated 125 above the ground. Texas Motor Speedway plans to light up Big Hoss on April 3rd for the Texas 500 NASCAR doubleheader. From there, it will used on race weekends to display live coverage, leaderboard standings, instant replays, entertainment, and more.

Big Hoss easily puts to shame smaller but still huge displays at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Reliant Stadium, and AT&T Stadium — the recently renamed home of the Dallas Cowboys. And when you're investing in a display that large, it's only natural to boast about the accomplishment. To that end, Texas Motor Speedway has put together an infographic that paints a better picture of the sheer scale of this huge screen.