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Strava Run becomes the first app to take advantage of the iPhone 5S 'motion coprocessor'

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Apple M7 motion coprocessor
Apple M7 motion coprocessor

Strava Run was updated today, making it the first fitness app to hit the iOS App Store that takes advantage of the M7 "motion coprocessor" found inside of the new iPhone 5S. The M7 chip continuously measures an iPhone's accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope, and the app uses it to automatically turn GPS tracking on or off whenever a user starts or stops running. Strava says the new features enable the app to better record a runner's pace and consume less battery life in the process, since GPS is only used when needed. Of course, more fitness apps that utilize this sort of functionality are on the way — including the Nike+ Move app which was announced on stage at Apple's iPhone 5S launch event.