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Tony Fadell's Nest is reportedly working on a home smoke detector

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fadell feature lead 1020
fadell feature lead 1020

Tony Fadell's Nest reimagined the ordinary thermostat as an intelligent, intuitive, connected device, and according to reports the company will be taking on another home appliance next: the smoke detector. According to both Jessica Lessin and All Things D the new Nest Labs device will be announced sometime in the near future — no price is mentioned — and will integrate with the Nest thermostat itself. ATD goes on to report that the product will be called Protect.

Fadell, of course, helped create the iPod before going on to tackle home appliances. It's not clear what kind of features Protect will offer, though Lessin states that Nest Labs had been considering a subscription service for the device that would alert users remotely if it detected smoke or fire. According to ATD, however, a subscription service will not be part of the final product when it's announced. We've reached out to Nest for comment and will keep you updated with any further details.