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Yahoo working on 'Not My Email' button to address recycled address woes

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Yahoo logo lead
Yahoo logo lead

Last month Yahoo started allowing users to take ownership of unused account names, claiming that it had robust tools in place to make sure new customers wouldn't receive email trying to reach the previous owners of the accounts. Those efforts haven't proven to be entirely successful, and TechCrunch is reporting that the company will introduce a one-click solution to help users deal with the problem. The "Not My Email" button is said to be rolling out towards the end of the week, and will let users reject email directly from their Yahoo inbox, training the system to recognize the suspect email before it surfaces .

Yahoo originally said it would be "going to extraordinary lengths" to ensure that users didn't have issues, but that hasn't stopped the reports that users of freshly-recycled accounts have been receiving sensitive and private information not intended for them. While it's not going to be an overnight solution — nor will it let those users whose information is being shared without their knowledge — it's a band-aid that should hopefully stop the nuisance for Yahoo's newest account holders.