Jeff Bezos has a big laugh. It's a shotgun; a booming sound that reverberates through a room. It can be a little scary, actually. It is not subtle, gentle, or otherwise restrained. But when he does laugh — which is often — it is a laugh trained squarely on the room. Not inward, but outward. A laugh that says: there's fun to be had, so join in.

To say that Bezos is one of America's most accomplished and prolific businessmen would be an understatement. In a little under two decades, he went from wide-eyed internet soothsayer and humble online bookseller to superstar — nay, titan — of a new industry. Several industries actually, and counting; industries he helped to shape, and continues to define as he expands Amazon's reach (and his own, having just purchased one of the country's oldest newspapers, The Washington Post).

So why is he sitting across from me demoing the new features of a $229 tablet?