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Instagram refreshes its app for iOS 7, but not the icon

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instagram ios 7
instagram ios 7

Instagram today updated its app to fit in with iOS 7. Like Twitter, Instagram hasn't given its app a total revamp, but has instead applied a fresh coat of paint, flattened its top navigation bar, and placed a much greater emphasis on content in its user interface. Images in the app's news feed, for example, now span the entire width of the iPhone's screen — a 4.5 percent increase in size. On profile pages, interface chrome surrounding text like "posts" and "followers" has been removed, and profile images are now circular.

"Instagram has always been a content-first platform, and Apple threw an OS in our lap that allowed us to make that really happen," says designer Maykel Loomans. He's referring to Apple design chief Jony Ive's line about "deferring to content," a tenet which became an important foundation in iOS 7.

Instagram's new look is welcome, but design-savvy users will likely be disappointed to find that the app's iconic and influential icon has gone unchanged. In other words, the app's glossy, beveled, and textured icon will stand out on home screens dotted with the vibrant and simplified icons developers have crafted for iOS 7. Loomans says Instagram has no current plans to revamp its beloved icon, or the capture screen which remains mostly unchanged aside from an enlarged viewfinder area. "We love [the icon] as much as we did when we first made it," he says, "and we don't plan on changing it right now." His team has been most focused on the consumption experience with this update, he says.

Instagram has no current plans to revamp its beloved icon

On a more technical note, Instagram for iOS 7 still notably lacks support for importing or shooting slow-motion videos from iPhone 5S devices. For now, a few methods have been devised to help you get your slow-motion videos on Instagram. The company is keeping mum on when it might add support for the feature.