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Amazon's Kindle HDX TV spots put focus on personalized Mayday tech support

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Alongside the announcement of the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets, Amazon has created three TV spots. Each of the spots focus on Mayday, the innovative tech support feature that allows users to quickly get an Amazon support representative to log into their tablet and fix things. You might think of the feature as a virtual "Genius Bar" for the Kindle Fire series, though of course Amazon doesn't quite position it in those terms. In an interview with The Verge, CEO Jeff Bezos pointed out that those creeped out by a representative could turn it off, but "you’d be disabling the greatest feature we’ve ever made!"

Indeed, Amazon seems to be aware that it needs to walk a careful line in promoting Mayday. The three commercials spend a lot of time making it something friendly and approachable. Mayday allows Amazon to see whatever is on your screen when you call in, and then the representative can draw on your screen or even directly control your tablet. One commercial even goes so far as to point out that while you can see a video image of your support specialist, he or she "can't see you."