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Nokia will announce six new devices at its October 22nd event

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There'll be a range of new form factors as well

nokia event
nokia event

Nokia's Innovation Reinvented event in Abu Dhabi next month will host the launch of at least six new devices from the Finnish company, including at least two new Lumias. This information comes from sources familiar with Nokia's roadmap, who also tell The Verge that there'll be a range of new accessories, and that one of them will be "pretty special."

Up to this point, the expected high point of the October 22nd Nokia World event has been the debut of the 6-inch Lumia 1520. That now appears to be a near certainty, as we're told Nokia is planning a "large range" of form factors and devices, which opens the door to something even larger like the rumored Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet.

There's been fervent anticipation for a Nokia Windows tablet pretty much since the company announced its move to Windows Phone for smartphones, and although Nokia has since agreed to sell its hardware division to Microsoft, a late introduction of such a device would certainly be welcome. It would certainly make for a fine last hurrah before the company exits the consumer market for good.