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Watch this: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon show us what hashtag abuse really sounds like

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hashtag fallon timberlake
hashtag fallon timberlake

If you have any ironic millenial friends, you've probably heard someone say the word "hashtag" out loud, categorizing a statement as if it were a database entry. Jimmy Fallon and comedy sidekick Justin Timberlake took this oh-so-relevant joke to the extreme on Fallon's Late Night with an ordinary conversation converted into Twitterspeak. "Hey check it out, I brought you some cookies," Timberlake says. "Hashtag #homemade, hashtag #oatmealraisin, hashtag #showmethecookie."

The verbal hashtagging descends into a sendup of the increasingly common internet trope, which now litters Facebook posts, tweets, Instagrams, and even news headlines. Fallon does a regular segment called "Late Night Hashtags" that draws on tweets from topics like #ParentFail and #FakeJayZLyrics, and his familiarity with the genre makes for a realistic convo that blends elements of teen tweeting with mommy Facebooking. By the end of the volley, you'll at least be #smh if you're not all #fml.