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Google's same-day delivery service expands to all San Francisco and San Jose shoppers

Google's same-day delivery service expands to all San Francisco and San Jose shoppers

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Google's same-day delivery shopping service is making its first big expansion. All residents of San Francisco, San Jose, and the Peninsula within Google's delivery zone will now be able to start using the online store, opening it up from just the collection of testers who have been using it since its announcement in March. The service allows shoppers to order from both local and chain retailers that have signed up with Google Shopping Express, all of which offer their products at the same prices in stores and online. Though Google's offering six months of free delivery, it says that it'll begin charging for deliveries after that period. But it would certainly prefer to encourage as much shopping as possible, and to that end, it's also launching apps for iOS and Android today to make mobile shopping even simpler.

Though Google Shopping Express is still limited in scope, same-day delivery is quickly becoming a heated market. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart — among others — have all been trying to make a quick delivery services work in various test markets, most of which have started in the decidedly tech-friendly San Francisco. This is hardly the beginning though for these same-day services: making quick delivery work was a dream of the dot-com boom that never became a sustainable reality. Tellingly enough, one of the biggest dot-com failures, Kozmo, was a one-hour delivery service, and it's supposedly now making a return. Now that established retailers and web giants are making a go at it though, perhaps the dream will have a better chance of success.