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Amazon hopes to lure you away from iTunes with integrated Cloud Player MP3 store

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Amazon Cloud PC
Amazon Cloud PC

Amazon's Cloud Player for PC is moving closer than ever to a full-fledged iTunes competitor today; the app now features an integrated Amazon MP3 storefront where users can buy songs and albums directly without visiting Until today, transactions had to be conducted over the web, though it has never taken long for freshly purchased content to instantly pop up in Cloud Player. Like Amazon MP3's web store, the Cloud Player PC app curates music into categories like "Editor’s Picks", "Album of the Week" and so on.

Any content you buy will instantly be made available on Amazon's Cloud Player apps available on Kindle Fire, Android, iOS, Samsung smart TVs, Roku, Sonos, and the web. While iTunes still dominates the digital music realm, Amazon has slowly chipped away at Apple's enormous lead. At last check, NPD said Amazon enjoys 22 percent share of the digital market — likely attributable to Amazon's tendency to undercut Apple's iTunes pricing and promotions like AutoRip.