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Apple has secret iTunes site that celebrates the creative work of its employees

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Twitter Music iTunes Radio

Apple routinely creates special sections in the App Store to highlight things like newly-redesigned iOS 7 apps, but the company is now using iTunes to highlight creative works that Apple employees have worked on. 9to5Mac reports that Apple's Eddy Cue recently introduced "Employees on iTunes," an internal website that highlights movies, books, songs, and television programs that the company's employees have been involved with.

"One of the things that makes Apple special is that every person here, no matter where they are or what they do, shares the same deep passion for creativity and innovation," Cue wrote in an employees-only email announcing the site. "For instance, in addition to their work here at Apple, many employees have helped create some amazing books, songs, movies and TV shows on iTunes. In celebration of their achievements, as well as the creative pursuits of everybody at Apple, we're launching a new internal website today."

While it doesn't appear to be something that the general public will ever get a look at, the internal site seems to be a sign that Apple's corporate culture understands the importance of employees pursuing creative ambitions behind their day-to-day jobs — something we've seen in companies like Pixar as well.