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Sudan unplugs from the internet amid mass protests

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As protests rage in the capital city of Khartoum, Sudan has unplugged from the global web according to reports from several web-monitoring services. Cloudflare tells The Verge that all of the country's ISPs have disappeared from internet routing tables, which is consistent with a government-initiated blackout. In a post this afternoon, web monitoring firm Renesys called it "the largest national blackout since Egypt disconnected itself in January 2011."

The protests began on Monday, when the national government announced it would end fuel subsidies in accordance with IMF recommendations. The result has been chaos in Khartoum, with six reported deaths and hundreds of police deployed to the city center. Following the tradition of the Arab Spring, Twitter has been a crucial organizing tool for the protests . Groups have been using the #sudanrevolts hashtag to spread both word of protest locations and gruesome pictures of the police response, leading many to assume the blackout was initiated to break local access to the service.