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Evernote will digitize your Post-it notes with new 3M partnership

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Post-it notes (Wikimedia Commons)
Post-it notes (Wikimedia Commons)

Evernote and 3M are teaming to bring Post-It notes into the digital world. According to The Wall Street Journal, the two companies are set to announce new software on Thursday that will allow users to store and organize photos of their Post-its. The Journal doesn't make it clear as to whether or not these features will show up in a standalone app, or as an update to existing Evernote apps, but the newspaper says that the software will offer users more than just a collection of pictures of bright squares of paper. The new software will recognize the color of the Post-its in a photo and organize images accordingly, the report says.

"The Post-it is something we aspire to."

Evernote CEO Phil Libin said that his company's partnership with 3M isn't a bid to replace the Post-it, but rather an effort to bring paper and digital notes together. "The goal is to get rid of stupid uses of paper," Libin told the Journal. He also added that Evernote has long looked up to 3M's Post-it notes for their ease of use. "The Post-it is something we aspire to be. They have been a hero product for us." The Journal also said that 3M will start selling Post-it notes that feature Evernote's logo on the packaging and offer 30 days worth of Evernote's premium service, which offers users added storage space, offline access, and the ability to run presentations from within the company's apps.