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'Breaking Bad' creator Vince Gilligan lines up 'Battle Creek' at CBS

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We're less than a week from the conclusion of Breaking Bad, and while the spin-off series Better Call Saul is destined for AMC the creator of Walter White has yet another show moving forward. According to The Hollywood Reporter CBS has placed a series order for Battle Creek, eyeing the 2014 television season for the show. Based upon a script Gilligan wrote and developed with the network back in 2002, it focuses on the efforts of two detectives with extremely different outlooks on the world as they try to tackle crime in the city of Battle Creek, Michigan. David Shore, who previously created House, will be updating Gilligan's pilot script, and is set as showrunner for the new series.

Breaking Bad has followed the evolution of the mild-mannered Walter White into the meth kingpin Heisenberg, and it sounds like Battle Creek will tackle the themes of duality and consequence as well. According to the Reporter, the central issue the detectives struggle with is how to deal with the problems they face. Is a dark, cynical worldview, with no support, the best way, or is a wide-eyed, optimistic approach — buoyed by enormous resources — the better approach? Gilligan is said to be interested in directing the pilot, but it's not clear how heavily he will be involved in the day-to-day runnings of either Battle Creek or Saul. Either way, it's clear that every network in town is hoping to work with him in the wake of Breaking Bad's tremendous critical and cultural success.