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Facebook now lets users edit posts on web and Android, iOS support coming soon

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Facebook Android stock
Facebook Android stock

For the first time, Facebook is letting users edit their posts after the fact. The change will be available to some people on the web and the Android mobile app later today; an iOS version is supposed to follow soon after. Like many of Facebook's new features, this is a gradual rollout, so don't be surprised if it doesn't appear right away. When it does show up, the feature will let users click to edit a post, then preserve a viewable history of the changes, hopefully keeping users honest enough to use it mostly for typos and bad grammar.

Facebook first introduced comment editing (also with an edit history tool) in mid-2012, but it's so far held off on letting people actually edit posts. Until now, that meant you had to outright delete a post to correct something misspelled or poorly phrased, wiping away any comments and likes. The Android update also includes a few other features, though they're not as immediately notable. Users can now create and share new albums from their phones, see upcoming events on pages, and share emoticons like they can on the web.