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Bono says Apple has raised over $65 million for Product Red AIDS fund

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Apple Product Red
Apple Product Red

U2 lead singer Bono today revealed that Apple has so far raised over $65 million for his Product Red fund. According to the frontman, Apple is "certainly leading the crew" of companies that contribute to the initiative. Since joining the charity campaign in 2006, Apple has steadily released Product Red iPods, cases, and other accessories, with portions of each sale going towards the fight against AIDS. Its first offering was a 4GB iPod nano, and subsequent releases have included the iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPad smart covers, and a bumper case for the iPhone 4S.

Most recently, Apple added a new $39 leather case for the iPhone 5s to its Product Red catalog. Product Red's official Twitter page says that the fund has raised north of $215 million, confirming that Apple has contributed a huge chunk of that total. Apple's chief designer Jony Ive is also teaming with Bono for a Product Red auction scheduled for November; a rose gold pair of the company's EarPods will be among the items auctioned off for charity.