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Microsoft officially reveals Xbox One personal fitness app

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Xbox Fitness cropped
Xbox Fitness cropped

After fitness games proved to be a huge draw for Kinect on Xbox 360, Microsoft is taking the workout game into its own hands with Xbox One. For its next-gen console, the company plans to offer a service called Xbox Fitness, a built-in personal trainer that promises to detect micro-fluctuations in a user's heart rate, form, and more. It does all of this using the Xbox One's Kinect sensor, according to a page that briefly appeared publicly on

Microsoft is recruiting top talent for its fitness program: Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser and Tony Horton of P90X fame are among the experts that will guide you through workouts and provide real-time feedback on progress. Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have unlimited access to Xbox Fitness from the launch of Xbox One through December 2014. After that, the service will convert to a premium, standalone subscription for all Xbox customers. Microsoft has yet to make any mention of Xbox Fitness, but with the cat now firmly out of the bag, we may be hearing more very soon.

Update: Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox Fitness program after the earlier leak.