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Intel's internet TV project may be falling apart

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Intel (STOCK)
Intel (STOCK)

Intel promised to unveil an internet TV service by the end of 2013, but with just months to go, the project's prospects may be floundering. According to All Things D, Intel needs additional funding to keep the project going. It's reportedly spoken with both Amazon and Samsung about the possibility of them pitching in money or distribution services to help keep the internet TV project alive. But if Intel can't find a partner, that may be the end of the line: ATD says that the project could simply be scrapped.

No big content deals have been reached

Though Intel hasn't been shy about its intention to create the service, it's faced a distinctly uphill battle the entire time. The company has been struggling to secure content deals for the service, even though it was said to be willing to pay handsomely for streaming rights. According to ATD, that hasn't been of any help: Intel is reportedly yet to finalize a deal with any major TV programmer.

But nonetheless, Intel has apparently moved forward on other areas of the project, which is reportedly called "OnCue." ATD says that one version of the service would work through a set-top box, which is currently being tested by 3,000 of the company's employees. It reportedly works similarly to traditional television services, but is served over the web, includes a nicer user interface, and has a cloud-based DVR with access to any show that aired in the past three days.

It's an ambitious plan to be certain, and it would give Intel early entry into a space that other tech giants — including both Google and Apple — have been rumored to be eyeing as well. Though missing its looming, self-imposed deadline likely wouldn't be worse than having the project fall apart entirely, it's clear that Intel is struggling to step outside of its silicon comfort zone.

Update: Variety is now reporting that Intel's internet TV project has been pushed to 2014. It also reports that Intel has spoken with Netflix as well about a potential partnership, but that the discussions haven't become serious.