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'Google in 1998' easter egg takes you to as it looked 15 years ago

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Google in 1998 easter egg
Google in 1998 easter egg

Google turned 15 years old today. To celebrate its birthday, the company invited a small number of reporters to the Menlo Park garage where it got its start, and it rolled out a handful of new search features. But, as cool as all that is, what's arguably more fun is a simple easter egg worked into If you type "Google in 1998" into the search field on, the website will transform into the design it had 15 years ago when the company first launched. If you're horrified by the retro look — and its Yahoo-esque exclamation point — don't worry. There's a big blue link, just below the search box that reads "take me back to 2013" — and yes, clicking that will transport you back to modern-day Google. Go ahead and give it a try for yourself.