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Stephen Colbert incites spam assault on YouTube's spam assault

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Stephen Colbert isn't happy with YouTube's upcoming comment section makeover. Colbert argued on his show last night that by tying a comment to its writer's Google+ account and highlighting only worthy discussions inside a video's comments, YouTube is committing an "unprecedented attack on free speech."

In jokey retaliation, he suggested his chanting army of viewers flood YouTube's comments with a block of typically spammish text.

We, the commenters of YouTube, believe in free speech as strongly as we believe in free videos of animals dressed like other animals. Therefore, we hereby declare: you can make up to 88 dollars an hour working from your house. Click here for one weird tip on how to lose your bellyfat. U R homo. Ron Paul 2012!\bNB9

Google+'s chief architect took to his own service to laugh off the attack. "I'm sorry, Mr. Colbert, but I can't quite hear you over the sound of our spam filters," said Yonatan Zunger. "You're just going to have to try a little harder if you want to get millions of people to say identical, contentless things on the Internet."

Zunger's true to his word: the vast majority of Colbert-inspired comments are already flagged as spam, a day and a half after the show aired.